Mozart »Bilder und Klänge«

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Chamber Music

A room in form of a cube balanced on one corner is attached to the external wall of the castle Klessheim. The interior dimensions of this room are 8 x 8 x 8 m (for approximately 35 persons).

In association with 3 pieces of chamber music by Mozart we design a space-dynamic system, in which electronic media (video, computer) and visually structured space operate as psychic agents, and thus generate subject-dependent, fictive object and spatial movements.

Two different video tapes are shown parallel on several monitors integrated in the room’s construction; together with the visual space design (wood, steel, light) they generate a field of tension, an ambiance of presence, which allows an unbiased, focused and actual experience of classical music exempt from the cultural imprint and the aesthetics of the past.

Minimized computer imagery structures are synchronised with rhythmically alternated and alienated sequences of video clips and movies, and arranged into spatial unity with other stylistic bits and pieces. Thereby, insights gained from architecture are assigned to an ambivalent area in between artistic reflection and design-like affirmation, stylised as a synthetic medial reality.

GRAF+ZYX [translated by Simone von der Geest]