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GRAF+ZYX 06 | »THE SLEEPER, THE MAGGOT …\andtime\« V.3.0 medialab madrid

The Space in which Time Lives.

the mixed-media-installation «THE SLEEPER, THE MAGGOT …\andtime\» is presented as a «staging of a hypothetical construct» with regard to time. it operates perfectly at the fault line between the abstract and the representational with an enormous range of different artistic means of expression such as the body, voice, music and sound – the basic elements of the performing arts, as it were – as well as the rigid and the movable in the fine arts.

how long the action lasts or within which limits it takes place is never precisely established in the narrative. it might range from a millisecond to eternity and/or take place simultaneously in different dimensions, and/or simultaneously in different worlds, and/or in the same place at different times, and while the rushes – symbolising an «iconography of standstill» – tie the helpless protagonists up in the rigid geometry of the pencil crayon and the word fragment [always a millisecond too late, just like it is with a snapshot, and, of course, with poor framing, but frozen for all time in this stance], the latter use rhythms, animation, song and text in the video to drift through time and space in a way that is rigidly structured and defined on the one hand yet which expands, never stops and fades – to the point of losing itself – on the other. driven on to everywhere and nowhere with no destination in mind. these protagonists are object and subject, real and fictitious, past and future, and all this in equal measure. [excerpt] © tamara star|R|