Beware: Space Control

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Ars Electronica 1986

Our concern is with a positive and constructive use of technology, a game with the specific aim of setting examples of new aesthetic realities. We present the construction of an aesthetic media situation according to our predilections.

ACHTUNG! RAUM-KONTROLLE (Beware: Space Control)

Music video, 4.04 minutes
Idea and realization of images and music: GRAF+ZYX 1986

We have chosen to work in the sphere of formal-aesthetic design of every individual image in its interplay with neighbouring images, i.e. in its time dimension. Audio-visual form finding is based on intimate experimental processes. In a layered continuous process of recording and post-production, media worlds of images are created in the potential of performing and visual art.
The elements introduced are limited to 9:

1 = head
2 = star
3 = writing
4 = dancer
5 = monitor
6 = eye
7 = face
8 = square
9 = electronic noise

In processing the material, the structure of the image is a formal one, the individual elements are being combined with one another, transferred in their positions, the character of color and its changes being determined.

The non-graphic analogous raw material is technically processed not only in its form but also in its movement in a way that produces video-graphic aestheticism by greatest possible alienation of the realistic representation.

The digital image manipulation accelerates and moves the rigid material, by layering technique the elements are mounted into each other in a mobile way, the structure of scenes and the transitions become fluent.

The content results form the form, the order of events from the representation within the time unit.

In the play, one must not attribute psychological stature to the figures, the social content of the action is pure chance, a secondary matter, evolved from an ironic reduction to formal processes. When working with images, visionary and cosmic sceneries, one has to avoid the mistake of a realistic or even naturalistic mode of thinking. Closely surrounded by cooking pans, flat-iron and other things, the automat, hailed as media artist, operates in the room with feinted levity and with the effect of not avoiding boredom.