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Of humans, machines, avatars and other interesting arithmetic operations
Media art in Austria.
An exhibition series »in progress« : No 1/07

Established in 2007, the :[KV-N] is entirely dedicated to support (mostly Austrian) new media art in all its variations of interdisciplinary interactions. From October 21st to 28th, 2007, the :[KV-N] presented the first of a series of projects in real space:
With Günther Albrecht, Alien Productions, Andrea Dee & Gottfried Distl, Judith Fegerl, GRAF+ZYX, Margarethe Haberl, Nelly O. feat. Barbie & Ken, Gruppe Or-Om, Peter Weibel, and Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer a top class group of internationally renowned, Austrian media artists of all generations participated in this exhibition, which was accompanied by a series of solo presentations.

In addition to this generational cross section, the exhibition offered – without claiming to be comprehensive– a cross section of the manifold techniques and branches in the ample field of media art: it ranges from the installation largely determined by (media- and art-) theory via video sculpture, the audio visual media installation, the manually reworked technically reproduced digital photograph, computer Flash-animation based on music, literature adapting art house film, to an art machine equipped with laser technology.

This project link offers a comprehensive documentation of the exhibition and detailed information on the participating artists.
Concept and executive production: GRAF+ZYX