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visionXsound 2008
Screening and public voting

We have tested and found ourselves again:
in an experimental set up – as cosmic as the screeching of the planets, in the oversampling of disguised factoids, in aesthetically naked austerity, in the groaning of moribund machines, in autobiographical codes of personal immigration, in the subversive dreams of cyborgs, and enlaced in the pounding handcraft of the ingenious Art brut – in short – in a vortex of medial superlatives, exactly at the tender spot of singularity and plurality of our mystic, audio visual art universe. Mean cats, stoned would-be revolutionaries, exhibitionist mechatronics, fanatic howler monkeys, dreamdancing perfectionists, clever symbionts, gentleman strollers of the political statement, enlightened mathematicians, exceptionally gifted dilettants, stealthy thieves, mad utopians, apocalyptic horsemen, and cerebral aliens pass on unconventional, ambivalent structures, gestures, colours and forms in an inspiring dialogue, and discuss the truth, the loss, and diabolic abstraction H(z)eartily in daring sounds and frequencies.

This four and a half hour long string of media art, this collection of award-winning and uncharted things, this enthralling mix of fool’s gold and gemstones, this instrument-based time-space setting of distinguished boredom and calculated excitement is presented in form of a video clip marathon – voiceless without annoying commentaries.

Visit us with open eyes and ears, steel your mind, and vote for the work of your choice.
[GRAF+ZYX, translated by Simone von der Geest]